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The story about Activage

2011 began entrepreneur daughter Katja Ekvall seriously putting into older people’s well-being when her father including hit by a joint and muscle disorder.
Activage was founded in 2013 and took the lead in the fitness industry as Europe’s first full concept in senior fitness. Katya helped her father to work in a simple way to keep going and feel a little better. Unfortunately there was not enough time to get to practice on a more regular basis and Katya did not feel knowledgeable enough to take it to the next level. When she applied for a personal trainer with expert knowledge of the older body’s specific needs, but it turned out that there were not any. Not someone who could offer the service she wanted to buy. It was made well-trained specialists who could and wanted to train a senior who was not fully fit and needed training in their home. Not in all of Europe, there was an education equal to that need. In the US, however, was a long-billion dollar industry with a focus on active seniors. Worldwide growing population of people over 65 fast, and Katya thought that a similar movement should be in Europe, too. It would create new business opportunities and be a way to begin to take this affluent and aware group seriously. Her vision was shared by several people in her network, people with long experience in the fitness and wellness sector. 2013 were thus Activage as Europe’s first full concept in senior fitness. With support from medical experts, specialists, benefactors and with inspiration from several of America’s senior players in training began development of Activage. On the Fitness Festival in Gothenburg in 2014 launched its first operational Activage Activage Academy, certified specialist courses in senior fitness. By equipping the European fitness industry with the skills, methods and products, Activage opens new opportunities to help seniors discover a new phase in life and enjoy it. The goal is to be able to live active lives as long as we want.

Today, the first Actívage Center opened in central Stockholm, Activage Academy continues to grow and educate more and more people want to work with the joy of life for seniors and Activage continues to develop into Europe’s strongest brand in senior fitness.

About Activage Center

On Activage Center also you never dared you in a gym before you feel at home. There exists no muscle estate or complicated equipment.
Our Activage Master Trainers (AMT) has specialized knowledge of the senior body’s special conditions. With their knowledge, they plan an effective loss prevention and pleasurable workout just for you. You can also join our small group – a social exercise where you get both sweat and laugh.

Everyone is welcome regardless of physical status or age!

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Katja Ekvall, Founder
Fotograf: Patrick Degerman
Fotograf: Paulina Holmgren
Kristoffer Sjöberg, CEO
Fotograf: Paulina Holmgren

Activage Senior Advisory Board

Activage has its own expert, Senior Advisory Board, composed of highly experienced physiotherapists and doctors. They contribute to our development and help us in our ambition to maintain the highest standards throughout Activage range.

Nina Lindelöf

Nina Lindelöf is a physiotherapist and a postdoctoral researcher at Umeå University. In 2008, she presented a thesis showed positive effects and experiences of high intensity functional training among older people with physical and cognitive disabilities. The exercise program that Nina and her colleagues have developed has also been evaluated in other studies with good results and is directly applicable in the rehabilitation of older people. Nina continues to do research on training method effect among older people with various diseases and injuries. The research combined with clinical work at the Geriatric Centre in Umeå.

Göran Murvall

Göran Murvall Göran Murvall is a specialist in general medicine and co-owner and operations manager at Sickla Health Centre, where he started in 2011, it drew the attention of 90-plus project with training for the elderly. He has previously worked as a physical education teacher for ten years and studied sports psychology / pedagogy, which aroused his interest in preventive health care. He has since been deeply involved in the exercise questions and different types of training. Goran is today also as a specialist and representative of primary care in Stockholm Medical advice for health promotion.

Ewa Heidvall

Ewa Heidvall is a physical therapist specializing in sports medicine and operates since the early 90’s Sports & amp; Rehab Clinic in Stockholm, with operations in orthopedic surgery rehabilitation, manual therapy and sports medicine. In addition to his clinical activities Ewa lectures on basic education for physiotherapists, the external university courses and runs a private training courses for physiotherapists finished in the subject function analysis and specifically directed training. Ewa has also developed training materials for the Swedish Handball Federation and delförfattare of literature on physiotherapy education.